Saturday, 12 January 2008

Gorgeous Sale bargains from Oli

Hi All! Happy New Year to everyone, and goodness... I can't apologise enough for the hiatus. You ever have those months where everything just happens at once? Anyway, enough of my wittering, it's time for the dreaded/beloved January Sales!

I've been shopping already, and boy has it been fun. So it's no surprise that I couldn't resist giving you all a little nod towards since their clothes and service have put a grin on my face this morning. Rarely would I ever advertise a company so willingly, but they really do treat a girl well!

I've picked three pieces that I fell in love with myself. Both the dresses are excellently tailored and of great quality. The mustard number feels luxurious and wonderfully lined, with a really gorgeous retro feel at an astonishing price. It's just a shame that the Jasmine Guinness item runs a little big on sizes, so beware when ordering! Finally, the Satin T-bars, which are gracing my feet at this very moment, make a gorgeously glamorous flat shoe that will translate easily into any day or night wardrobe. There's loads more online at Oli, but be quick or you'll be cursing your size going out of stock!

Jersey High Neck Dress, £14

Satin T-bar Shoes, £16
Jasmine Guinness Print Dress, £25