Friday, 21 November 2008

Back In Action!

Hello All!

So... where on earth have I been? Why have I seemingly abandoned this lovely blog? Well, it's been a strange old year. With too much work for not quite enough money, and plenty of hours taken up by finishing studies, there hasn't been too much time for the joys of shopping and general style adoration. But forget all that, it's time for this style dissection and appreciation lark to get back on track, and back to the fun!

I've been ferreting away writing regular articles for some other lovely blogs, all in the name of sharing fashion must haves, but from now on they'll be right here too. I don't need to tell you lot that fashion and style have evolved so very much since my last posts, and we all have some opinions that need airing!

Tune in regularly for the good, the bad and the downright flabbergasting! Thanks for having me back, ladies. xx