Thursday, 13 December 2007

Where have I been? Working to horrible deadlines, damn it all!

Hello All!

This is just a little note to say a big Sorry for the lack of updates of late. Sometimes a Stylish Fille is unavoidably a very busy one too!

There'll be much more in the way of news, views and general fashion rants in the run up to Christmas and in the New Year.

I hope you're all getting into the festive spirit and buying gorgeous sparkly things to stave off the cold Winter thoughts.


Thursday, 15 November 2007

When fashion gets it wrong: Fetish fashion brings us stud shoe mania

I'm a girl who seriously loves shoes. It's bordering on addiction, I mean... there's nothing that makes shopping more gratifying than the purchase of some gorgeous Mary Janes or a pair of classic trainers. It's hardly surprising then that shoe crimes make me sad inside.

The fashion lot have gone a bit crazy over a few trends this Autumn/Winter, but none worries me more than fetish fashion (except perhaps for the bizarre '80s revival, don't you just want to cry?). Some of the most wonderful shoe designers in the world have fallen foul of this nonsense, including the one whose shoes I most often lust after, Christian Louboutin.

Studs never looked good, not even when people where punching them onto the backs of leather jackets to write 'cool' slogans, so why are they ruining perfectly reasonable shoe designs in the here and now? I can't begin to understand. If you think I've lost it, and you love these pairs then let me know. And you can buy them from Net-a-Porter too. But when you're looking back and wondering what the hell you were thinking, don't say I didn't warn you...

Add a touch of festive sparkle with Christmas party dresses from Oli

Christmas is the best time of year for splashing out on loved ones, and that's a perfect excuse to treat yourself a little. There's nothing that makes me feel more Christmassy than getting my glad rags on, and it's the perfect time of year for gorgeous eveningwear.

The classic Christmas party dress has been ever increasing in its variety, and the wonderful Oli has a huge range of dresses perfect for just such an occasion. I've picked four of my favourites, perfect for dressing up or down, and there's one for every body shape too.

For the braver girls out there both black dresses are a great choice - the first (far left) has a daring hem to match it's sixties cut, and the second (far right) is a stunning figure hugger. For all of us who aren't model perfect, this dress will look fantastic with the right slimming undies too!

Whatever your favourite, view these dresses at, along with many more.

Product Details (from left to right):
Warehouse Embellished Back Detail Dress, £70
Vila Panel Dress, £35
60s Tunic Dress, £69
Satin Dress with Jewel Trim, £59

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Make your own knitwear to die for with Weardowney Knit Couture

I absolutely adore knitwear, which probably explains my woolen dress shopping spree a couple of weeks ago. Far from being a dowdy and practical choice, knitwear can be some of the most fantastically sexy and, dare I say it, quirky items in a girl's wardrobe.

The best part is, you can make your own to rival designer pieces with the new book from Weardowney Knit Couture. This gorgeous little manual contains 20 hand knit designs, from dresses to sparkly vests, and even tells us plebs how to start from the very beginning.

Any knitwear or hand made clothes enthusiast should have this book. The designs are fantastic, the explanation made simple and the pictures a joy. I'm just off to buy myself some needles!

Get yours from Amazon online for just £14 in hardback, from Anova books.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Very Vintage Filles - Time of the Season by The Zombies

They just don't dress ladies like they used to, eh? Take a nostalgic stroll down the catwalks of decades gone by with me in this fantastic video for Time of the Season by The Zombies. I'm trying to hold back the jealousy...

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Play Hard To Get with Tigi Bed Head's styling gel

Having just taken the plunge and opted for very very short hair indeed, I'm on the trawl for reliable hair styling products. A brand that I trust for great hair styling is Tigi's Bed Head range.

This funky range includes everything from conditioners for every hair colour and type, to hair gels, clays and serums. This Hard To Get texturising paste is top of my shopping list, promising lasting separation and hold. Perfect for short hair that needs definition, or any cutting edge 'do that needs some pizazz.

Get yours from The Hair Site for £10.95.

Get the Annie Hall look this season from the designer fashion crowd

With the huge prevalence of tailoring and wide leg trousers in this season's biggest fashions, it's no wonder that a few celebs have been seen sporting a very androgynous look. Reminiscent of Annie Hall, this is a look I adore, but one that's hard for us mere mortals to carry off. That's why I've chosen this look with a hint of femininity, to take this style trend that's come back into fashion again and again and keep it looking sexy.

The cardigan with shirt insert is from McQ and provides a casual yet stylish way to daring androgyny with its high neck and boyish cut. The skinny sleeves make it very wearable against the loose fitting body.

I've teamed this top with Marc by Marc Jacobs slim fit jeans, instead of opting for wide legs. This makes the whole outfit much easier to wear as the boyish feel isn't so strong, and if you've got a bum worth showing off there's no reason why not to. I've finished off with a pair of Marc Jacobs suede heels. This gorgeous pair are colour co-ordinated with the top and add a bit of glam to the otherwise casual outfit, without being over the top and girly.

Product Details:
McQ Double Layer Sweater, £260
Marc Jacobs M Pocket Jeans, £145

Marc Jacobs Suede Platform pumps, £257
All from Net-a-Porter

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Joie Shoes' Veronica ticks all the right boxes

When a shoe makes me check my bank balance, I begin to worry. Unfortunately for me, they're my biggest weakness and I just plain don't have the bank balance to support it. This gorgeous pair of Mary Janes from Joie Shoes has me close to salivating.

With an unmistakable vintage style, these Veronica shoes tick a few current trend boxes too. Their chunky heel makes them perfect for this Autumn, and Mary Janes are blissfully going nowhere. I adore the round toe, so round it's almost cartoonish, and the high heel in a dark wood. This adorable pair are $215 from Shopbop. That's me saving, then.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Stylish Filles: Style Icons past and present - Lou Doillon

While many of my style influences tend to date back to gorgeous women from distant decades, every once in a while I see a girl in the here and now who instantly impresses in the style stakes.

Lou Doillon is a true stylish fille (she is French after all) with real individuality that impresses and influences even the fashionista crowd. The actress and model is, like her mother Jane Birkin, something of a sex siren and all the while wonderfully unconventional looking.

Lou's look is often defined by her personal individuality, mixing fashion forward trends with vintage influences and quirky accessories (what else can you call wearing a top hat on a red carpet?). Her long, tousled mane toes the line between unruly and 'styled to look messy' with grace.

Above all, what I love about Lou is, with true continental flair, she defines how to be stylish while so involved in the fashion world. While she knows how to be ahead in fashion, that doesn't stop her stamping out her personal style. She selects the trends which suit her body and personality best and gives them her own twist. The result? Effortless and enviable.

More stylish filles: Brigitte Bardot

Monday, 22 October 2007

Fun and stylish jewellery at extremely affordable prices

If you can't afford a whole new and 'cutting edge' wardrobe every season, I firmly believe that accessories can transform every outfit into whatever you see fit.

There's a huge range of great, quirky little jewellery items available at the moment. I've chosen some of my favourites from the high street and online. The best part being the affordably low prices. The best, for my money are the Hultquist Frog Earrings (left), which are perfect for wearing with a dressy evening outfit, or lifting a jeans and sweater out of boredom during the day. Get clicking to see how to buy these great wardrobe diversifiers!

Product Details:
Hultquist Frog Earrings, £15 from Oli
Large Enamel Flower Ring, now £3 from Miss Selfridge
Red Cameo Lady Brooch, £9 from Junkie Lovers
Butterfly Wood Pendant, £10 from Accessorize

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Make your music the ultimate accessory with Stylz Earphones

Sick of your dull and ordinary black or white earphones? You can make your MP3 or media player a fashion statement with Stylz earphones. While I'd usually be in favour of can headphones as an earphone alternative, this variety of styles might just be right up your street.

Available in a huge variety of colours from electric blue to gold to hot pink you can accessorise your earphones with your handbag, if you're that sort of girl. Or if you'd prefer to make more of a statement, and have people wondering where on earth you got your hands on something so frankly bizarre, you can choose tiger or cow print. Some might call it funky, I'm more inclined to say tacky. Read more and find out where to buy yours from Stylz.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Style Solutions for real life stylish filles

Today I was very pleased to receive a message from a reader asking for style advice from little old me. Our anonymous lady has set me quite a challenge, and one I only hope I can fulfill, as no girl wants to feel like they're in style limbo! So, here goes!

"I love your blog & I love your style so I'm gonna ask you for some style advice... I work in a very technical job which means I have to wear work boots and clothes which I can do hard physical work in. This usually means combat boots, jeans and a t shirt I've been given for free. I'm really CRAVING to look just a little stylish and not like someone you won't want sitting next to you on the tube. I've tried looking round the shops and asking the in store style advisors but they don't seem to understand. The work boots are a health and safety requirement but the rest is up to me. I'm 5' 4" and a size 14. I currently have auburn hair... If you can help, I'd be soo grateful."

- First off, Hello and thank you for the humbling praise! This is quite the dilemma, and an unenviable situation, so I hope my tips will make you feel every bit the stylish fille 24 hours of the day.

It's clear that practicality has to be your main concern, and it's always hard to find a stylish way to include it. I'd start with a pair of jeans, even if you're used to wearing jeans and have grown to loathe them. Finding a pair that flatters you is the best way to feel great in your skin without being dressed up. I'd suggest a pair that snugly fits your bum (without being too tight, of course!) and with a bootcut leg. This will add an element of style and also serves to shape your silhouette well with your curves. They're great for ladies under 5'6" (like you and me!) and they'll cover up the work boots you seem to so dislike!

After you've found a good pair of jeans (I warn you, it is entirely worth trawling every shop you know to find the pair that makes you smile into a changing room mirror), I'd go for some fitted t-shirts. Instead of the basic tee that's loose and unflattering, a few fitted basics that show off your figure will do wonders and still be just as comfortable. If your job isn't so physical that the clothes will suffer then why not spend a little bit more on some cute casual blouses, or even smock dresses that you can easily wear over jeans? (Dresses over jeans always look funky, and are easy to wear without looking like you haven't made an effort.)

The main thing I'd suggest to you is to treat yourself to a good haircut. If you can afford it, just this once, get a restyle from a reputable hairdresser. I love auburn hair, so let a good cut bring out the vibrant shade. Whether your hair is long or short, a well kept 'do will make you feel a little bit special, I find, especially if you look after it with a good conditioner and maybe even a straightening iron once in a while. You can even invest in some great hair jewellery from any high street fashion shop if you need to tie it back for work.

Finally, if you can wear makeup then experiment. Day makeup doesn't need to be all out glitter, but a little bit of foundation and blusher will give you a fresh faced look that's fabulous, and you can stamp a little of your personal style on your look with some eye makeup or lippy. If not, then exfoliate and moisturise and your natural glow will do the job even better!

I hope I've helped a little, and given you some inspiration. I've included some product links to get an idea of what I'm talking about, so get clicking. And please let me know how else I can help you, or any other readers in a fix!


Friday, 12 October 2007

Urban Decay's Deluxe Eyeshadows add some sparkle to your look, and your makeup case

While my one must have in eye makeup terms is a black Kohl eyeliner, I must admit to a penchant for a touch of colour now and again.

If you're going to splash a little more interest into your makeup, then why not go all out with these fantastic eyeshadow compacts from Urban Decay?

Their Deluxe eyeshadows come in a range of great colours, with a touch of sparkle thrown in for good measure. Use them liberally or for just a hint of hue (especially fab if it matches your shoes!). They even look great on their own with their quirky little grafitti-inspired pot designs.

They're not too pricey for something so sturdy it's bound to give you your moneys worth. Each pot is £12 from Boots.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Fashion appraised: Paris Fashion Week - The Ridiculous

I've already told you all about what I really loved at this month's Paris Fashion Week, but what about the juicy part? I do enjoy pointing out the things that are fashion overhype, and even better the items that are just plain awful. Thankfully, there was plenty of that on offer.

The sorts of 'out there' fashions that probably get the most applause from pretentious fashionistas are always the ones that are entirely unwearable and serve absolutely no purpose but for our gawking pleasure. Louis Vuitton's show was so eye-poppingly unwearable couture that I've featured two of his creations (far left and far right). Alongside are John Galliano's odd bow-headed monstrosity and Alexander McQueen's... well, what is that all about?

While I get the feeling there might just be some humour in some designer fashion, the po-faced "I'll clap because I'm supposed to think he's simply a genius, darling" attitude is exactly what makes fashion so self important. Not one of these outfits would inspire any stylish female, nevermind actually being purchased by one. Yes, I'm aware catwalk fashion isn't meant for production, but inspiration? It should, and this doesn't.

[Images: Getty]

Shoemissy's personalised stacked platforms

I love original shoes, and when I spy one of my girly mates wearing a pair I've never seen before it generally produces a lot of "ooh"ing from me. Shoemissy, queens of bespoke and quirky shoes, have come up with a rather clever idea that can ensure you get the one offs you've been searching for.

The stacked sparkly platforms are emblazoned with your personal name/message/quip in satin, ensuring that it's there for good. I'm not sure if I'd be brave enough for these statement shoes, but they are very cool. Hands up who's getting a pair? Get yours for £50.

Fashion appraised: Paris Fashion Week - The Sublime

So one of the many weeks that the fashionistas live and die for has come to a close for another year - Paris Fashion Week. The place for top end designers to parade their wares and cutting edge ideas, which will inevitably influence the whole high street stock for the year to come.

This year's Spring/Summer collections featured a whole lot of labels we know, and a few less familiar names. All coming together to make a crazy collage of the sublime and the ridiculous. Now, I know that catwalk couture isn't supposed to be wearable, but it should at least hint at some sort of imagined style. Thankfully, a few designers managed to pull off this idea with aplomb, creating some fashion items that I would consider to be some of the most style friendly I've seen in a while.

These pieces by Anamika, Collette Dinnigan, Nina Ricci and Lanvin (left to right) are some of my favourites. There's no discernable 'must-have trend' throughout (a blessing), leading to originality and very stylish ideas overall. These four collections proved to be my favourites, particularly Anamika for its quirky folk style and Collette Dinnigan for classic elegance. The two designers have created collections which leave me feeling aspirational, rather than confused about couture as usual.

Coming up: The Ridiculous end of Paris Fashion Week

[Images: Getty]

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Wonderful Winter coats from Oli

It makes me endlessly happy when I see the Autumn/Winter collections lately. Gone are the days when colder months meant drab and unflattering, in favour of rich fabrics and cool colours.

I've only recently let go of the notion that a coat should be a 'sensible' purchase, realising that it can still be wearable without being a drab plain black number. These coats are from Oli, a site which I love for their excitingly vast stock and their fantastic customer service (which is really quite important with online shopping for things you can't be sure to fit). While these are just a small snippet of the lovely coats and jackets they have to offer, they show off my point rather well - Just because it's cold doesn't mean you have to look frumpy. Snap one of these up and strut down the high street like it was the Champs Elysées.

Product Details:
Daisy Jacquard Coat, £65
Diesel Belted Coat, £160
Vila Tweed Coat, £55

Monday, 8 October 2007

Dazzle in David Meister's Strapless Belted Dress from Neiman Marcus

I really must stop falling hopelessly in love with dresses I simply cannot afford. Not only that, but being a student and journalist, I don't have the places to wear such examples of designer gorgeousness. But, enough of my plight, isn't this dress fantastic?

By David Meister, this luxurious strapless dress manages to pull of a strapless, figure hugging bodice with lashings of class. The pleated, almost tulip skirt really compliments the strapless shape, creating a gorgeous silhouette. In this season's 'new black' (no, honestly it is this time!) it also ticks the fashion boxes, if we must.

A gorgeous designer stunner that can't fail. Now all we need do is save $410.

Shoes that capture my heart: Sigerson Morrison's Belle assymetrical strap heels

How long it sometimes feels since I saw a shoe that looked exciting and original in a wearable way. While I'm a sucker for well done classics, it's so refreshing to see something different like this pair from Belle by Sigerson Morrison.

The asymmetrical strap is what attracted me first, they look amazing on the model on their site, and up close the colour looks good enough to eat.

Perfect for all year round these shoes would look fantastic with dresses, shorts, jeans, anything really! While I'd usually find these sorts of boot ankles off putting they seem to work here. Now all I need to do is save up $295 to buy my pair from Shopbop.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

John Frieda's Frizz-Ease Serum - A haircare wonder product

John Frieda may well be a god like genius in the world of haircare. Frizz-Ease hair serum is, quite simply, a wonder product for any hair type out there. A pre-curser to the mass marketing of straightening irons, this serum promises to give a girl frizz free hair come rain or shine. Miraculously enough, in my experience it actually lives up to its promises.

This must-have comes in various strengths, depending on your hair type, and the original product has spawned a whole family of frizz battling products. Perfect for girls with curls or even, like me, bordering on the poker straight. Frizz-Ease gives perfect shine and no fuzzy bits at all.

Best of all it won't damage your hair like over use of hairdryers and hot straighteners does. Oh, and it's cheap as chips at £5.98 from Boots. Thank you, Mr Frieda.

When fashion gets it wrong: Over hyped and over priced - Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate Moss' collection for high street big name Topshop was one of the most talked about fashion events of 2007. There were well documented scrambles for some of the pieces from her first range, and many restocks were required. But this is a perfect example of what I can't stand about fashion.

Her ranges have been, at best, very ordinary. Yet we have seen stars like Cameron Diaz wearing Kate's clothes on red carpets, and it can only be because of the celebrity name tag. Kate's second range for the store (selected pieces shown above) is no more designer than the shop's duller end of their range. Without discernible sparkle in most of the pieces, the rest is just plain unwearable and overpriced. This wet look maxi dress is something I would never be seen dead in, but more annoying is the chiffon blouse, which inexplicably costs £30 for something that will not stretch to regular wear in your wardrobe. Even the tie costs £20.

The mark ups fail to entice me into believing these are must have items for this season. While most of the range is cute and would make wonderful wardrobe staples, it seems as though Kate's 'people' got greedy. At prices like £120 for this frankly ugly green dress, this is one range that's hype won't sway girls with sense.

If you think I'm crazy, check out Kate's range for yourself at Topshop online.

Stylish Filles: Style Icons past and present - Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot was a very stylish fille indeed. The french model, singer and actress was a fantastic poster girl for the '60s...quite literally. Being the pin up and even muse of many a man, she oozed sex appeal in her hey day.

I count her among my personal style icons, purely because she knew how to do sexy with all her clothes on so very well. Her trademark blonde hair was often styled into a fantastic sixties bouffant or perfected into what can only be described as 'sex hair'. She accompanied this with classic silhouettes in clothing, pencil skirts, figure hugging dresses, clean lines and a dollop of distinctly french flair.

Of course, true to all stylish sixties girls, Brigitte was always seen in dark kohl eyeliner, with fantastically overdone lashes too. A style I'm forever taking off.

Brigitte is a reminder of how sex appeal is supposed to look, not like so many stars of this decade who've gotten their arse cheeks out to get attention. Not that Brigitte wasn't known for showing some flesh when the occasion was right...

Check out Brigitte Bardot with Tom Zé, showing exactly why every man loved her flirtatiousness, and she loved it right back.

Gorgeous daywear to brighten up your Autumn from Miss Selfridge

I often get the feeling that Autumn inspires despair in the hearts of ladies everywhere. I take a different view, there's new stock in the shops, fabulously rich colours and even a few gorgeous dresses preparing for the run up to party season.

This outfit from Miss Selfridge is a perfect example of why I love Autumn clothes. The rich browns and golds work fantastically together, and I love layering so very much. I chose a casual dress that's still effortlessly flattering with an empire line and heart shaped neckline. I then teamed the dress with a cute, chunky knit mini cardi to keep out the chill without fear of drowning your frame. Accessories in bronze/gold give this outfit a lift from the ordinary. I love these point toe pumps, perfect day shoes that I'd gladly wear to death.

Product Details:
Check Empire Dress, £35
Landgirls Chunky Jacket, £40
Bronze Buckle Point Pump, £25
Gold Look Medieval Necklace, £15
Glass Stone Bangle, £15

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Go to and, well, you know the rest. Friends are always welcome, and it's a great way to get in touch with me whether it's feedback, suggestions or just a good ol' natter.


Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Straighten up and fly right with Cordless Straighteners from Hammacher Schlemmer

How many of you girls are absolutely addicted to your hair straighteners? I know quite a few, and while I'm not an advocate of the dreaded over straightening, they're a must have for taking care of troublesome frizz and its hair terrorising mates.

If you're into fancy gadgetry (and why wouldn't you be?) then you might just be overjoyed to see these ace cordless straighteners from Hammacher Schlemmer. No more doing that weird tilty head movement in front of the mirror because the wires just...won't...REACH!

The spec behind this slick machine is worth your pennies too with a 90 sec heat up time and a maximum heat setting of 395 degrees. Impressive stuff, really, for a great price of $69.99 (that's about £30, if you're as numberphobic as me).

Give your wardrobe a check up with the Floral Doctor's Bag from Urban Outfitters

I'm one of those girls who seems to have a frankly unnecessary number of bags, all too pretty to resist buying and leaving me convincing myself there's a good reason for another purchase.

This one from Urban Outfitters might just be one that manages to be both good looking and useful though. Just big enough to hold everything you need (even those bits and pieces you take everywhere just in case) without being so cavernous you might be mistaken for Mary Poppins searching for her standard lamp.

It's a rather Summery print, but manages to get away with a cute floral design to be usable all year round. A perfect bag to lift a darker Autumn outfit, retailing at £48 from Urban Outfitters online and in stores.

Pencil skirts for every occasion from Topshop

I adore pencil skirts so very much. There's nothing sexier than what you don't show in my opinion, and this is one iconic shape that's currently very much the height of fashion. Thankfully for us who adore the pencil skirt that means there are just so very many options out there.

These are from Topshop's extensive collection of skirts and each departs from the classic black to give a little twist that's still true to the original elegance. The Super Sexy Satin pencil skirt (left) is available in black and this gorgeous shade of red. Definitely the choice for a glamourous occasion, this isn't one for wallflowers. The Flannel version (centre) is a great take on the shape that allows it to become essential day wear. Dress this one up or down to feed your need for a striking silhouette 24/7. Finally, the Subtle Check does exactly as the name suggests. A sexy secretary look that will work with almost every outfit and accessory. If you're more inclined toward the classic, check out Topshop's plain black version online.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

My Favourite Shoes

Shoes have always been the shopping item that's number one on my list. Whether it's a pair of gorgeous pumps or some skyscraper heels, I'm a girl with a veritable shoe fetish. My current favourite shoes are, not surprisingly, one of the pairs I purchased most recently.

These "Ketty Double T-bar" shoes from Schuh tick all the right boxes for me - shapely stiletto heels, t-bar Mary Jane straps and a gorgeous shade of vintage cream leather. They're fantastically comfy too! They won't break many banks either, retailing at £54.99. You can slip a pair into your own show wardrobe with Schuh's website and in store.

"I am a very stylish girl"

You might be wondering what on earth was the inspiration for the title of my blog. Well, quite simply, this odd little jumble of French and English is the title of a song.

See it as some sort of theme tune, if you wish. Whatever you want to see it as, have a listen and a shimmy too.

Mod chic to rival the '60s pin ups

If you're anything like me, an avid lover of all things sixties, you'll adore the moddish style of the ladies of the time. Clean lines, huge love of monogram colours and slick bobs were all the rage and it's undeniable that, looking back at photos of Twiggy and her peers, they looked amazing.

Pay homage to the look with this easy to wear outfit, with a definite '60s mod edge. The black dress is from Oli, with long sleeves, a mid thigh hem and high neck it's perfect. I love the nipped in waist detailing which lends a tailored structure to the silhouette. I've teamed this simple dress with contrasting white accessories to turn heads.

The white tights were a definite '60s staple for young girls with fashion sense. This pair are from Figleaves and are the perfect side of opaque. Trust me girls, try these on and you'll believe me, white tights look great!

Next up is the leather waist belt from Elegantly Waisted. Wrap this long leather belt round the waist one more time to get rid of that ribbon style tie and keep the clean lines of mod looking perfect. Finish the look with some oversized white shades, no matter what the weather. This perfect pair are from Dita and top off an outfit that's sultry and sexy without showing an inch of bare flesh.

Product Details:

Oli Jersey Dress, £25

Jonathan Aston 40 Denier Tights, £6 from Figleaves
Elegantly Waisted Leather Belt, $198 from Shopbop
Dita Cabaret Sunglasses at Shopbop, $225

Very Stylish

Welcome to Une Very Stylish Fille. A blog devoted to all things stylish, above the fashionable. Many think that style and fashion come hand in hand, but that's why I'm here to share my view of their vast difference. So what is it that separates the two?

To me style knows no constraints. Style is a personal expression, never mind what the catwalks, fashion magazines and high streets tell us to wear. Whatever body shape or hair style is the one to be seen in, I am far more passionate about the personal style of those ladies who create their own niche among the fashionistas. Never blindly following the crowd and borrowing their favourites from the fashion forward trends, these are the girls who make us sit up and take notice. They're the girls who stand out and make 'fashion' what it should be - flattering, elegant, classic, sexy, cute, independent and above all entirely gorgeous.

This blog is dedicated to my own style choices from the fashion lot - what I love about clothes, shoes, gadgetry and accessories - and exploring the diversely stylish girls of the world and what makes them tick. From the catwalk to the high street, the bargain bin to belle of the ball.