Thursday, 13 December 2007

Where have I been? Working to horrible deadlines, damn it all!

Hello All!

This is just a little note to say a big Sorry for the lack of updates of late. Sometimes a Stylish Fille is unavoidably a very busy one too!

There'll be much more in the way of news, views and general fashion rants in the run up to Christmas and in the New Year.

I hope you're all getting into the festive spirit and buying gorgeous sparkly things to stave off the cold Winter thoughts.



Anonymous said...


Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you're ok. If you've got the time I'd love some advice on what to wear when visiting Egypt, ie how to be stylish yet sensitive towards local customs etc.

Une Very Stylish Fille said...

Hi there, I'm fine thanks, just had a very hectic workload over the holiday period and before. What's a girl to do? (shop, if this week's therapy is anything to go by!)

Of course I'd love to help, I'll post you some tips on Monday. I hope that's not too late for your flight!