Thursday, 11 October 2007

Fashion appraised: Paris Fashion Week - The Sublime

So one of the many weeks that the fashionistas live and die for has come to a close for another year - Paris Fashion Week. The place for top end designers to parade their wares and cutting edge ideas, which will inevitably influence the whole high street stock for the year to come.

This year's Spring/Summer collections featured a whole lot of labels we know, and a few less familiar names. All coming together to make a crazy collage of the sublime and the ridiculous. Now, I know that catwalk couture isn't supposed to be wearable, but it should at least hint at some sort of imagined style. Thankfully, a few designers managed to pull off this idea with aplomb, creating some fashion items that I would consider to be some of the most style friendly I've seen in a while.

These pieces by Anamika, Collette Dinnigan, Nina Ricci and Lanvin (left to right) are some of my favourites. There's no discernable 'must-have trend' throughout (a blessing), leading to originality and very stylish ideas overall. These four collections proved to be my favourites, particularly Anamika for its quirky folk style and Collette Dinnigan for classic elegance. The two designers have created collections which leave me feeling aspirational, rather than confused about couture as usual.

Coming up: The Ridiculous end of Paris Fashion Week

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