Monday, 22 October 2007

Fun and stylish jewellery at extremely affordable prices

If you can't afford a whole new and 'cutting edge' wardrobe every season, I firmly believe that accessories can transform every outfit into whatever you see fit.

There's a huge range of great, quirky little jewellery items available at the moment. I've chosen some of my favourites from the high street and online. The best part being the affordably low prices. The best, for my money are the Hultquist Frog Earrings (left), which are perfect for wearing with a dressy evening outfit, or lifting a jeans and sweater out of boredom during the day. Get clicking to see how to buy these great wardrobe diversifiers!

Product Details:
Hultquist Frog Earrings, £15 from Oli
Large Enamel Flower Ring, now £3 from Miss Selfridge
Red Cameo Lady Brooch, £9 from Junkie Lovers
Butterfly Wood Pendant, £10 from Accessorize

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Sassy said...

Fabulous darling!!! fabulous.