Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Pencil skirts for every occasion from Topshop

I adore pencil skirts so very much. There's nothing sexier than what you don't show in my opinion, and this is one iconic shape that's currently very much the height of fashion. Thankfully for us who adore the pencil skirt that means there are just so very many options out there.

These are from Topshop's extensive collection of skirts and each departs from the classic black to give a little twist that's still true to the original elegance. The Super Sexy Satin pencil skirt (left) is available in black and this gorgeous shade of red. Definitely the choice for a glamourous occasion, this isn't one for wallflowers. The Flannel version (centre) is a great take on the shape that allows it to become essential day wear. Dress this one up or down to feed your need for a striking silhouette 24/7. Finally, the Subtle Check does exactly as the name suggests. A sexy secretary look that will work with almost every outfit and accessory. If you're more inclined toward the classic, check out Topshop's plain black version online.

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