Thursday, 11 October 2007

Shoemissy's personalised stacked platforms

I love original shoes, and when I spy one of my girly mates wearing a pair I've never seen before it generally produces a lot of "ooh"ing from me. Shoemissy, queens of bespoke and quirky shoes, have come up with a rather clever idea that can ensure you get the one offs you've been searching for.

The stacked sparkly platforms are emblazoned with your personal name/message/quip in satin, ensuring that it's there for good. I'm not sure if I'd be brave enough for these statement shoes, but they are very cool. Hands up who's getting a pair? Get yours for £50.


Finn said...

ME! ME! Where can I purchase said item so that my feet may be the envy of the land?

Une Very Stylish Fille said...

Click on the link in the article to go straight to Shoemissy's site.