Thursday, 11 October 2007

Fashion appraised: Paris Fashion Week - The Ridiculous

I've already told you all about what I really loved at this month's Paris Fashion Week, but what about the juicy part? I do enjoy pointing out the things that are fashion overhype, and even better the items that are just plain awful. Thankfully, there was plenty of that on offer.

The sorts of 'out there' fashions that probably get the most applause from pretentious fashionistas are always the ones that are entirely unwearable and serve absolutely no purpose but for our gawking pleasure. Louis Vuitton's show was so eye-poppingly unwearable couture that I've featured two of his creations (far left and far right). Alongside are John Galliano's odd bow-headed monstrosity and Alexander McQueen's... well, what is that all about?

While I get the feeling there might just be some humour in some designer fashion, the po-faced "I'll clap because I'm supposed to think he's simply a genius, darling" attitude is exactly what makes fashion so self important. Not one of these outfits would inspire any stylish female, nevermind actually being purchased by one. Yes, I'm aware catwalk fashion isn't meant for production, but inspiration? It should, and this doesn't.

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