Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Straighten up and fly right with Cordless Straighteners from Hammacher Schlemmer

How many of you girls are absolutely addicted to your hair straighteners? I know quite a few, and while I'm not an advocate of the dreaded over straightening, they're a must have for taking care of troublesome frizz and its hair terrorising mates.

If you're into fancy gadgetry (and why wouldn't you be?) then you might just be overjoyed to see these ace cordless straighteners from Hammacher Schlemmer. No more doing that weird tilty head movement in front of the mirror because the wires just...won't...REACH!

The spec behind this slick machine is worth your pennies too with a 90 sec heat up time and a maximum heat setting of 395 degrees. Impressive stuff, really, for a great price of $69.99 (that's about £30, if you're as numberphobic as me).

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