Thursday, 4 October 2007

Stylish Filles: Style Icons past and present - Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot was a very stylish fille indeed. The french model, singer and actress was a fantastic poster girl for the '60s...quite literally. Being the pin up and even muse of many a man, she oozed sex appeal in her hey day.

I count her among my personal style icons, purely because she knew how to do sexy with all her clothes on so very well. Her trademark blonde hair was often styled into a fantastic sixties bouffant or perfected into what can only be described as 'sex hair'. She accompanied this with classic silhouettes in clothing, pencil skirts, figure hugging dresses, clean lines and a dollop of distinctly french flair.

Of course, true to all stylish sixties girls, Brigitte was always seen in dark kohl eyeliner, with fantastically overdone lashes too. A style I'm forever taking off.

Brigitte is a reminder of how sex appeal is supposed to look, not like so many stars of this decade who've gotten their arse cheeks out to get attention. Not that Brigitte wasn't known for showing some flesh when the occasion was right...

Check out Brigitte Bardot with Tom Zé, showing exactly why every man loved her flirtatiousness, and she loved it right back.

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