Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Very Stylish

Welcome to Une Very Stylish Fille. A blog devoted to all things stylish, above the fashionable. Many think that style and fashion come hand in hand, but that's why I'm here to share my view of their vast difference. So what is it that separates the two?

To me style knows no constraints. Style is a personal expression, never mind what the catwalks, fashion magazines and high streets tell us to wear. Whatever body shape or hair style is the one to be seen in, I am far more passionate about the personal style of those ladies who create their own niche among the fashionistas. Never blindly following the crowd and borrowing their favourites from the fashion forward trends, these are the girls who make us sit up and take notice. They're the girls who stand out and make 'fashion' what it should be - flattering, elegant, classic, sexy, cute, independent and above all entirely gorgeous.

This blog is dedicated to my own style choices from the fashion lot - what I love about clothes, shoes, gadgetry and accessories - and exploring the diversely stylish girls of the world and what makes them tick. From the catwalk to the high street, the bargain bin to belle of the ball.

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